Moreschi - Gift Card
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Moreschi - Gift Card

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The Moreschi Virtual Gift Card is the perfect present for any occasion. It can be used to buy any product in our online store and in all Moreschi Boutiques in Italy. Choose the amount you would like to give and the Moreschi Virtual Gift Card will be emailed to you.

  • Your Moreschi Virtual Gift Card will be delivered via e-mail within 1 working day after your order;
  • The person who receives your gift just needs to enter the Virtual Gift Card code provided in the e-mail during checkout;
  • In case the purchase does not cover the full amount of the Gift Card, you can use the remaining amount in another purchase;
  • You can use the Virtual Gift Card as a payment method during active promotions;
  • Virtual Gift Cards are valid 12 months since the date of purchase;
  • Virtual Gift Cards cannot be purchased using discount codes.

SKU: giftcard-1200
Type: Gift Card
Vendor: Moreschi