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The Products displayed on the Website are part of the Moreschi collection. Not all the Moreschi Products shown in the Website are available in every Moreschi store or in every authorized reseller. The shape, she size, the colours and the models of the Products displayed in the Website could be modified without any notice.

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The user agree that Moreschi does not have any control on the contents of those websites and as a mere third party does not have any liability for the content or the material, even advertising material, disclosed there or for external sources or for products or services offered.

It is forbidden to use framing techniques, useful to make a Moreschi page or a part of it appear inside another third party webpage, letting contextually that page content - instead of appearing in an independent window or tab of the browser – appear inside a dedicated frame.

Ecommerce Area

The Website has an area dedicated to the e-commerce. The user who decides to purchase Products through that area shall read the Agreement (CUSTOMER SERVICE  - Terms and conditions) and the related information to data subject (CUSTOMER SERVICE – Privacy Policy).

 Personal data processing

As regards the user personal data processing, please refer to the information available on the Ecommerce in the Customer Service – Privacy Policy area.

 Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by Italian Law.


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