Payment terms

The customer pay by using credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, by an electronic payment system or, alternatively, by PayPal or any other methods of payment indicated in the ecommerce.

Moreschi reserves the right to change or implement, at any time, the methods of payment that can be used by the customer, that being said, the user must choose a payment method available in the ecommerce at the time of the order.

If paying by credit card, the charge of the price to the customer, takes place once the data of the credit card are verified and once the debit authorization by the company issuing the credit card used by the customer is received.

The credit card data sent during the execution of the orders are protected and transmitted directly to the bank in charge of the payments. The payment is made directly on a secure server with SSL encryption key so as to ensure the absolute safety of the transaction.

If you are paying by PayPal, at the time in which the orders are sent by the customer, the Web session will be transferred to PayPal's secure website. On that Website, the customer can complete the payment of the price using his own PayPal account and according to the conditions of use of the PayPal service signed by the customer at that time or earlier. The price charged to the Customer’s PayPal account occurs once the orders is confirmed.

In any case the price of the products will vary according to the methods of payment chosen.