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Sales Agreement


The offer and the sale of products on our Ecommerce are governed by this agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”), which rules the relationships between Moreschi S.p.A. VAT number 00333260180, with headquarters in Via Cararola, 69 - 27029 Vigevano (PV), phone number +39 03816988,, R.E.A. Pavia 137957 (hereinafter referred to as “Moreschi”) and the Customer.


The Agreement could be amended by Moreschi, is being understood that the relationship with the Customer will be governed by the Agreement as published on the Ecommerce at the time of the purchase. The Customer could require any further information directly on the Ecommerce in the CUSTOMER SERVICE Contact Us area.


1. Definitions

Terms and expressions listed below have the meaning specified below; is being understood that, terms defined in the singular are meant to be defined also in the plural, and vice versa.

Consumer: any natural person who operates on the Ecommerce for purposes not related to any entrepreneurial, commercial, artisan or professional activity, with an age of 18 years or more.

Customer: any Consumer who purchases one ore more Products through the Ecommerce, approving the Agreement.

Moreschi: Moreschi S.p.A., VAT number 00333260180, with headquarters in Via Cararola, 69 - 27029 Vigevano (PV), phone number +39 03816988,

Parties: means Moreschi and the Customer jointly.

Ecommerce: means the virtual shop available at URL, through which Products can be purchased.

Products: means the items offered in the Ecommerce in order to be sold.
Reserved Area: means that part of the Ecommerce, for Customer use only, through which the Customer can, upon authentication, have access to specific functions provided by Moreschi. 


2. Subject of the Agreement

The Agreement regulates the online sale of Products by Moreschi to the Customer.

The Products essential features are explained in every product card provided in the Ecommerce. Pictures and colours of selling Products reproduce as accurately as possible the actual features of the Products. Anyway, the pictures could not entirely correspond to the reality, for technical reason too.

As a consequence, Moreschi shall not be held liable for the possible unsuitableness of the Pictures of the Products shown in the Ecommerce, if due to the above-mentioned technical reasons.

Moreschi offers to sell its Products and perform its online sale activity exclusively to Customers who are Consumers.

If the Customer is not a Consumer, we invite the Customer to abstain from performing any commercial transaction through the Ecommerce.

Related to its commercial policy, Moreschi reserves the right not to follow any order not coming from a Consumer or, in any case, orders not compliant with its commercial policy, in its sole discretion.

In any case Moreschi reserves the right not to accept orders which appear unusual in relation to quantity of purchased Products or to the frequency of the purchases.

The Customer is expressly prohibited to resale, to hire, to rent, to assign for any reason and for any commercial and/or professional purpose the Products purchased in the Ecommerce.


3. Conclusion of the Agreement

3.1 Registration: In order to purchase the Products provided by the Ecommerce it is necessary the prior registration. To register, the Customer must accurately fill in and send the specific form through the tools provided from time to time, stating his personal data in the appropriate fields. The registration will be effective only when the Customer will receive the confirmation e-mail and will open the link included. After this procedure, a Reserved Area will be created for the Customer, who can see his purchases, check the wish list and modify his credential. The registration credentials, as well as the access to Reserved Area, should be used by the Customer only and could never be given to third parties. The Customer agrees to keep them confidential and to ensure that no-one could have access to them, also adopting any appropriate security measures in order to minimize the risk of any access that could be unauthorized, prohibited and unsuitable to registered Area, promptly notifying Moreschi whenever he suspects an improper use or an unauthorized or prohibited access to the Reserved Area.

The Customer ensures that the personal information provided during the registration procedure and at a later stage is complete and truthful.

3.2 Conclusion of the Agreement: After the Registration it will be possible to begin the purchase procedure. Before proceeding, the Customer must read the Agreement – with a focus on the withdrawal clauses – as well as print a paper copy and save a copy on a permanent storage device which consent to the Customer to store the information referred to him, to access them in future per a period of time suitable for the purposes and to reproduce identically the data stored.

In order to perform the purchase of Products on the Ecommerce the Customer must fill in the electronic order form and send it to Moreschi, by electronic means, following the instructions provided in the Ecommerce.

Before sending the order form, the Customer must notice and correct any possible error in filling in the data, checking the optioned Product. If the data would not be compliant, it is possible to modify them by clicking on the “edit data” button. In any case, in order to provide a better Customer protection, Moreschi will send him by e-mail a receipt of his purchase order with a summary of the information included in the order form, as well as a copy of the Agreement. In this regard the Customer must verify the delivery of the documentation, by checking, if necessary, his junk e-mail box.

The Customer must also verify the final price, before sending the related order form, it being understood that the price charged to the Product will be the one displayed on the website at the time of the order by the Customer.

The Agreement shall be deemed concluded when Moreschi will receive the payment by the Customer, upon electronically transmission of the order form duly filled in.

By sending the order form and paying the due sum the Customer confirm to have understood and agreed the Agreement, as well as any further information provided in the Ecommerce.

After the conclusion of the Agreement, Moreschi will take charge of the purchase order.

The languages available for the conclusion of the Agreement are Italian and English.

Occasionally some inconveniences related to some Product availability could occur. In those circumstances, Moreschi will promptly inform the Customer by e-mail and will offer him the possibility to choose between the purchase of an article of the same nature of the one no more available or the order cancellation.

If the Customer chooses to cancel the order, he will be promptly reimbursed.


4. Order availability

In correspondence to each Product included in the Ecommerce, Moreschi points out if:

a) it is available in its own stock;

b) it is not available in its own stock;

c) it is available on request.

Moreschi expressly reserves the right not to point out the availability of the Products included in the Ecommerce.

The type and availability of the Products could change in any moment without any liability by Moreschi to the Customer.

The indication of the Products availability is not binding, it being understood that the Products listed as “not available” could not be ordered by the Customer.

If a Product is listed as “available on request” it means that the Product, in that moment, is not immediately available, but it can be ordered. In that case the delivery period of the Product could be longer than the one of the Product listed as available.

Moreschi could not perform purchase orders which include incomplete or untruthful data, or in case of Product not available.

If the Products displayed in the Ecommerce are no longer available or not on sale at the time of the transmission of the order form and Moreschi cannot, consequently, follow up the purchase order, Moreschi will inform the Customer by e-mail and will reimburse the sum already paid.


5. Product Warranty

Each Product sold through the Ecommerce is subject to the legal warranty, provided directly by Moreschi, according to the law.

The warranty must be enforced directly by the Customer within two months from the discovery of the defect, sending a registered letter to Moreschi, to the address indicated in the premises, explaining the defect discovered. For that reason the Customer is required to store the purchase receipt.

Unless proven otherwise, it is presumed that the lack of conformity that appears within 6 months from the Product delivery was already present at that time, unless this idea is not compatible with the kind of product or with the type of defect.

After the notification of the lack of conformity, Moreschi reserves the right to offer to the Customer the appropriate remedies.

In case of lack of conformity, the Customer has, anyway, the right to the restoration of the conformity of the Product, with no expenses, through repair or replacement, or adequate reduction of the price or termination of the Agreement.

The Customer can ask to Moreschi, at his discretion, to repair or replace the Product, with no expenses in both the cases, unless the remedy asked is objectively impossible or excessively costly, compared to the other.

A small lack of conformity for which it has not been possible or it would have been excessively costly to perform repair or replacement, does not give the right, in any case, to the termination of the Agreement. 


6. Post-sale Assistance

The post-sale assistance is provided directly by Moreschi, which could be contacted, for any question, at the address listed in the premises.


7. Prices

The prices of the Products and the related transport expenses could be subject to updates and are VAT included.

By way of example, the price is inclusive of VAT if the Products are shipped and delivered inside the European Union. If the Products are shipped and delivered outside the European Union, the price does not include VAT.

The prices of the Products, expenses, taxes and duties included, are listed in the Product card. The transport expenses are specified in the order form.

The transport expenses, included in the total amount finally displayed, are charged to the Customer in a lump sum that varies according to the total volume of the delivery.

The prices specified in the Product card are effective until the end of the purchase procedure.

If a Product price is on discount and the percentage of discount and/or the original price are displayed, this information will be referred to the price usually charged on the Ecommerce.

Possible taxes, duties, custom duties and other charges provided by the Law of the Country in which the Products will be delivered will be completely borne by the Customer and will be paid by him at the time of the delivery of the Products, directly to the tax or custom authorities in charge or to the courier who has performed the delivery.


8. Payment terms

The Customer can pay the due sum through PayPal (with a PayPal account or with a credit card) or through the other payment instruments listed in the Ecommerce.

Moreschi reserves the right to modify or implement the payment instruments available to the Customer, it being understood that the payment instruments available will be the ones listed on the Ecommerce at the time of the transmission of the order by the Customer.

In case of use of credit card, the charge of the price to the Customer is made once verified the credit card data and received the charge authorisation by the company issuing the credit card used by the Customer.

The credit card data sent during the order process are protected and are transmitted directly to the bank company that manages the payment. The payment occurs directly on a secure server, with SSL encryption key in order to guarantee the absolute security of the transaction.

In case of payment with PayPal, at the time of transmission of the order by the Customer, the web session will be transferred onto the secure PayPal website. On that website the Customer can complete the payment of the due price using his PayPal account and under the terms and condition of PayPal service, undersigned in that moment or previously. The charge of the price on the PayPal account occurs at the same time of the transmission of the order confirmation. The price of the Products cannot vary according to the payment instrument selected, under any circumstances.


 9. Product transport and delivery

Moreschi is not obliged to the shipment of the Products until it receives the payment of the price; after receiving the payment, Moreschi undertakes to send the Products within 5 working days.

The delivery terms here specified should be considered not compulsory, not essential term but merely formal. Moreschi cannot, in any case, be held responsible for missing the deadline.

Moreschi guarantees the shipment of the Products, by express couriers, selected time by time according to the Product purchased and to the destination, to the delivery address provided by the Customer during the registration process or to a different address provided by the Customer during the order transmission.

The Customer can check the status of orders through the online function “Online Tracking” provided by the courier in charge of the delivery and available in the Reserved Area. The Customer can perform this check only after the shipment of the Products.

The Customer must verify, at the time of delivery, that the packaging and/or the Products pack are intact, not damaged, not wet or otherwise altered, in the sealing materials too.

The Customer must immediately notice any damage of packaging or of Products pack, by placing a check reservation note on the courier delivery receipt, as well as by informing Moreschi by registered e-mail or equivalent technology.

If does not, and in particular if the courier delivery receipt is signed with no objection, the Customer can no longer make any complaint referred to the exterior features of what delivered.


10. Right to termination of the Agreement

The Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement with Moreschi without providing any reason and without any penalty within 14 (fourteen) days, from the day when he or a third party, different from the carrier in charge, obtain the physical possession of the Product. The date indicated on the delivery receipt will prevail.

The right to terminate the Agreement must be enforced by the Customer by sending to Moreschi a registered letter or a written communication by equivalent technology, with an express declaration of the intention to enforce the right to terminate the Agreement, as well as the order number related to the Agreement he wants to terminate. In order to enforce the right to termination, the Customer could use the specific “return form”, available in the order section of the Reserved Area.

For the purposes of complaining with the terms, it is enough that the Customer sends the communication related to the right to termination within the termination period. This communication could be sent by telegram, telex, e-mail and fax too, with a registered letter within the 48 (forty-eight) subsequent hours.

In case the Customer enforces the right to terminate, he must return to Moreschi the Products without any delay and, in any case, within 14 (fourteen) working days from the communication of the termination. The term is complied if the Customer sends the Products within 14 (fourteen) days from the communication of the termination.

The Product will be returned to: MORESCHI SPA – Via Cararola, 69 – 27029 Vigevano (PV).

If the Customer terminates the Agreement, all the costs he had paid to Moreschi will be refunded, the delivery costs included (except for the extra cost due to a particular kind of delivery required by the Customer, and different from the cheaper standard delivery offered by Moreschi), without any delay and in any case within 14 (fourteen) days from the day Moreschi has been informed of the decision of termination of the Agreement. Those reimbursements will be performed through the same payment instrument chosen for the first transaction, except for the Customer expressly required a different payment instrument; in any case the Customer will not bear any cost as result of the reimbursement.

The reimbursement can be interrupted by Moreschi until the Products delivery or until the Customer has given the proof of the shipment.

The costs related to the return of the Products are entirely in charge of the Customer.

The Product must be returned intact, in the usual state of wear. If the Customer enforces the right to terminate the Agreement in any way not compliant with the conditions required by the present section, he will not have the right to any reimbursement.


11.  Governing Law

The Agreement is governed by Italian Law, without prejudice to any other overriding mandatory law in the country of residence of the Customer.

In case of dispute arising from the interpretation and/or application of the Agreement will be competent to judge on the merit the Court of the domicile or residence of Customer, if sited in the European Union territory or, the Court of Milan, if the Customer instigates the complaint or if he chooses this Court.

If the Customer is not resident in the European Union territory, the Court of Milan will be competent to judge, according to Italian Law.

The ODR platform is a web-based platform developed by the European Commission. Its objective is to help consumers and traders resolve their contractual disputes about online purchases of goods and servicesout-of-court at a low cost in a simple and fast way. It allows consumers to submit their disputes online in any of the 23 official languages of the European Union. The ODR platform transmits the disputes only to the quality dispute resolution bodies communicated by Member States.

To start an ODR procedure, or to collect more info, click here:


12. Complaints

For any claim, please contact directly Moreschi, at the addresses given.

In case that a complaint submitted by the Customer to Moreschi has had an unsatisfactory outcome for the Customer, or has remained without response from Moreschi, the latter agrees to participate in the attempt at conciliation may that could be eventually be promoted by the Client, according to the rules and procedures of the joint conciliation rules of the Netcomm Consortium [link], available at the address:, which the customer is required to know.

Moreschi also inform the Client that:

  • (I) The conciliation procedure can be initiated only if the claim issued by a customer against Moreschi has had an unsatisfactory outcome for the customer himself, or is left without answer within the deadline by 30 days period within which Moreschi is committed to respond to complaints;
  • (II) The application form for the joint conciliation, is available at the address:, and it must be sent by the Client only at the following address:
  • (III) The person Moreschi in charge to participate in the Joint Settlement procedure, who will also have the power to make and accept the conciliatory proposals, in the name and on behalf of Moreschi, is Francesco Moreschi, domiciled for the purposes of the proceeding by Moreschi.


13. Privacy

The Customer must read the Information to data subject provided on the Ecommerce in the Customer Service Area – Privacy Policy.


14. Contacts

The Customers can directly contact Moreschi writing to: Moreschi S.p.A., Via Cararola, 69 - 27029 Vigevano (PV) or through the Ecommerce in the CUSTOMER SERVICE Contact Us area.

Terms and Conditions

Control and Management

The website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) is owned by Moreschi S.p.A., VAT number 00333260180, with Headquarters in Via Cararola, 69 - 27029 Vigevano (PV), R.E.A. Pavia 137957 (hereinafter referred to as “Moreschi”), PEC

Accessing the Website and remaining on it the user agrees this terms and conditions.

Moreschi reserves the right to, in its sole discretion, modify from time to time this document.

This terms and conditions are provided in several foreign languages; in the event of a conflict between the Italian version and a translated version, the Italian one shall prevail.


Moreschi does not assume any liability for the accuracy, the completeness and the up-to-dateness of the data, the contents and the information of its own ownership or otherwise uploaded on the Website and/or on the related websites.

The User shall verify, before taking any decision, the accuracy of the information provided on the Website.

Moreschi is exempt from any responsibility for mistakes or omission derived from the use of data and information provided by the Website.

The User agrees that the communication and the transmission performed through the Website do not have confidential nature.


The Products displayed on the Website are part of the Moreschi collection. Not all the Moreschi Products shown in the Website are available in every Moreschi store or in every authorized reseller. The shape, she size, the colours and the models of the Products displayed in the Website could be modified without any notice.

Intellectual property rights and trademarks

The Website, as a whole, as well as all the material included, is protected by the copyright law and by the other intellectual property rights.

The contents, the materials, the works published or otherwise shown on the Website – including but not limited to, trademarks, logos, pictures, photos, press releases and the reproduced documents, as well as application software and the html codes, are the exclusive property of Moreschi, or used upon authorization or licence granted by the owner of the rights.

The user can have those contents available only if it is essential for the correct use of the Website and therefore he cannot use them freely.

Any other use of the material, for any purpose, is forbidden, unless prior consent of Moreschi.


The hyperlinks on the Website can address the user towards third parties web pages, considered interesting.

The user agree that Moreschi does not have any control on the contents of those websites and as a mere third party does not have any liability for the content or the material, even advertising material, disclosed there or for external sources or for products or services offered.

It is forbidden to use framing techniques, useful to make a Moreschi page or a part of it appear inside another third party webpage, letting contextually that page content - instead of appearing in an independent window or tab of the browser – appear inside a dedicated frame.

Ecommerce Area

The Website has an area dedicated to the e-commerce. The user who decides to purchase Products through that area shall read the Agreement (CUSTOMER SERVICE  - Terms and conditions) and the related information to data subject (CUSTOMER SERVICE – Privacy Policy).

Personal data processing

As regards the user personal data processing, please refer to the information available on the Ecommerce in the Customer Service – Privacy Policy area.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by Italian Law.


If you want to contact directly Moreschi, please write to: Moreschi S.p.A., Via Cararola, 69 - 27029 Vigevano (PV), send an e-mail to

Privacy Policy




Pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as on the free movement of such data (General Regulation on Data Protection, hereinafter also referred to as the "Regulation" or "GDPR"), which repeals Directive 95/46/EC, we hereby inform you that the personal data you voluntarily made available to Moreschi Spa (hereinafter also referred to as "the Company" or "Moreschi") will be processed in compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data and, in any case, the principles of confidentiality the Company's activities are based on..


1.       Processed data categories

Moreschi will process the following personal data provided by the party concerned:

  • Personal data (such as: name, surname), company name, VAT number, address, house number, city, postal code, Province, Country, email, mobile phone


2.       Purpose of processing

The personal data you have made available to Moreschi may be used for the following purposes


a)    consent to and manage your membership/subscription in relation to offers

b)   allow you to use the products and/or services, as well as perform the activities reserved to you by virtue of adherence to the offer;

c)    for administrative accounting purposes and for the fulfilment of obligations under current law;

d)   after your specific consent, sending information and commercial communications, also of a promotional nature (including our newsletter), advertising material and/or offers of goods and services, by any means (known or not), including, for example, mail, Internet, telephone, e-mail, MMS, SMS from Italy or abroad (also from countries not belonging to the European Community) by Moreschi, parent companies, affiliates and/or subsidiaries thereof, as well as by natural or legal persons contractually related to Moreschi who send communications on behalf of Moreschi;

e)   after your specific consent, profiling your activities, or allowing the processing and completion of studies and statistical and market research, as well as for the analysis of tastes, preferences, habits, needs and consumption choices and to receive customised offers based on Moreschi's purchase preferences of parent companies, affiliates and/or subsidiaries thereof, as well as, on behalf of Moreschi, by related natural or legal persons contractually related to Moreschi and/or who, in any case, collaborate in Moreschi’s commercial activities;

f)    following your specific consent, transfer of data to Moreschi business partners for the purpose of receiving their communications.


We would like to remind you that, with reference to the purposes described in points a), b) and c), the provision of your personal data is mandatory. Your possible refusal and/or the provision of incorrect and/or incomplete information will prevent

-        in reference to the purpose referred to in point a): your membership/subscription to offers;;

-        in relation to the purpose referred to in point b): use of the products and/or services, as well as performing the activities reserved to you by virtue of adherence to the offer;

-        in relation to the purpose referred to in point c): for Moreschi, the performance of administrative and accounting activities and the fulfilment of regulatory obligations.


With reference to the other purposes described in points d), e) and f) the provision of your personal data, and consent to the processing of the same for the above-mentioned purposes, is optional. However, your refusal to provide your data and/or consent to processing for the above-mentioned purposes and/or the provision of inaccurate and/or incomplete information may prevent the Company:

-        in relation to the purpose referred to in point d): sending promotional communications by Moreschi;

-        in relation to the purpose referred to in point e): carrying out profiling activities and sending customised offers based on your purchase preferences by Moreschi;

-        in relation to the purpose referred to in point f): the transfer of your data to Moreschi business partners for sending their communications.


3.       Processing methods 

Your personal data will be processed using appropriate hard-copy, electronic and/or telematic means, with a logic strictly related to the aforementioned purposes and, in any case, in such a way as to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data.


4.       Recipients or categories of recipients of personal data

The following may come into contact with your data in carrying their functions: shareholders, Data Protection Officer, members of the Board of Directors or other administrative body and, in any case, the Managers designated by Moreschi and the persons in charge of processing personal data appointed by the Company.


Your personal data may be disclosed to any qualified persons who provide Moreschi with services instrumental to the purposes indicated in section 1 above, for example, parent companies, subsidiaries, investee companies and/or affiliates; suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, banking and/or insurance institutions or other entities and/or bodies that provide (on behalf of Moreschi):

-        management and/or maintenance of websites and electronic and/or telematic tools used by Moreschi;

-        management of access/subscription to offers;

-        the sending of informative and promotional communications, also of a commercial nature, of advertising material and/or offers of goods and services;

-        carrying out profiling activities, including the identification of habits, tastes, preferences and consumption choices, as well as the development and completion of studies and market research


Your personal data may be transferred abroad, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation, even in countries that do not belong to the European Union where the Company pursues its interests.

Transfer to countries outside the EU, in addition to cases in which this is ensured by Committee Decisions on Adequacy, carried out in such a way as to provide appropriate and opportune guarantees pursuant to article 46 or 47 or 49 of the Regulation


5.       Duration of the processing and criteria used for the storage of data

The data will be processed only for the time necessary to fulfil the above-mentioned purposes.

The data processed for the purposes of marketing, profiling and communication to third parties will be processed until consent by the party concerned is revoked.


Your data will be stored according to the following criteria:

-        the data processed for membership/subscription to loyalty programs will be stored as long as you adhere to such programmes and for a period of 10 years following the termination of the relationship, unless there is a need for further conservation, in order to allow Moreschi to defend its rights;

-        with particular reference to the data processed for profiling purposes, personal data relating to the purchase details (or associated to the latter) will be processed for a maximum period of 24 months


6.       Rights of the party concerned

We inform you that at any time in relation to your data, you may exercise the rights provided for within the limits and conditions set forth in articles 7 and 15-22 of the Regulation. 

In order to exercise these rights, as described below, please contact the Data Controller via the Privacy office at the e-mail address Your request will receive appropriate feedback within the time prescribed by the GDPR.


In detail, the party concerned has the right to:

-        revoke consent that was previously given, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on consent before revocation;

-        ask the Data Controller to access, correct or delete ("Right to Oblivion") personal data or limit the processing of personal data concerning you or to object to its processing;

-        obtain data portability;

-        oppose its processing;

-        propose a complaint to the Supervisory Authority for the protection of personal data if you believe that your rights have been violated.


7.       Data controller and data processor.

The data controller in relation to your data is Moreschi S.p.A. VAT no. 00333260180, with registered office in Via Cararola, 69, 27029 Vigevano (PV), telephone +39 03816988. The Data Processor is Beolchi Gianfranco, who can be contacted at the following email address:

Any request relating to personal data processed by Moreschi S.p.A. may be sent to the Company's registered office, or by sending an e-mail to An updated list of Managers is available from the Company and may be obtained via a specific request formulated in the manner indicated above.

The following is the Data Protection Officer:

This information will be subject to updates. Moreschi therefore invites Users who wish to know how the personal data collected by Moreschi is processed to visit this page periodically.



Data controller

Moreschi S.p.A.