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Extra-fort Special Edition

Eberhard & Co. e Moreschi


Mario's passion

Extra-fort Special Edition for Moreschi is a tribute to its founder Mario Moreschi, a man of superb taste with a passion for flying. He was a light aircraft pilot and so an Eberhard, the brand wich has made watches for aviation and motoring its great speciality, on his wrist was a must.
The Eberhard watch which Mario Moreschi owned is from 1949. Closely guarded and handed down from generation to generation, this watch has been a source of inspiration for the two companies and has led to the idea of creating a special product which could bring together the know-how of Swiss watchmaking and Made in Italy leather goods.

unique collaboration

Eberhard and Moreschi, two businesses, two companies, two brands joined by a common project whose undisputed protagonists are style, tradition and craftsmanship.


the meeting between tradition and modernity

A vintage style and a clear, linear design make the "Extra-fort Special Edition for Moreschi", a refined watch, rich in charm, a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, as well as the ideal companion for businessmen of every era.

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